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Bordered by the Cantabrian Sea to the North and the Cordillera Cantábrica (Picos de Europa) to the South. It is made up of a permanent landscape of valleys which, starting from the seashore, rise in a few kilometres to the tops of the mountains that make up this area. This landscape, which is abrupt and green, by reason of its orography, was the reason for the secular isolation of its inhabitants with regard to other regions and even other valleys in the same region. In this way multiple and varied cultural manifestations have appeared during the centuries, generally transmitted in an oral manner. This multiplicity of cultures is shown in one way in the people's habits concerning food, leading to unsuspected wealth in the variety and exquisite nature of its products.

This ancestral culture has been bequeathed to the partners that make up CATA (Consortium of Traditional Asturian Foods) today.