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CATA dates back to 1989, when a group of small traditional cheese producers from Asturias realised there was a need to group together in order to survive in a competitive market. COASA was formed to promote the artesan products common to all because individually they were unable to do so due to the high distribution costs involved. COASA enabled them to cut their costs and therefore avoid closing down.

Since then they have carried out numerous marketing strategies such as organisation and product, development of traditional knowledge sustained over generations, introduction of quality control and value-enhancing product changes. These strategies have allowed them to become more competitive in the market.

As the project consolidated they entered new markets, breaking into regional and even national markets. The company then discovered the great potential natural homemade products have in the international market and at the end of 2001 the export consortium C.A.T.A. (CONSORTIUM OF TRADITIONAL ASTURIAN FOODS) was created.